Kristi K.

Our daughter, Hannah, is in 10th grade and has been attending Horizon since 5th grade. Hanna's goal is to become a professional rider and trainer, competing at the Grand Prix level. Attending Horizon has allowed her to be able to maintain a rigorous riding and training schedule that a traditional school schedule would not allow.

Gayle A.

Grandparent of Horizon Student
We  appreciate how thoughtful, caring, and responsive the teachers and staff are at Horizon and it has meant so much to us to have that support...Your caring and patience reflect how much your top priority is for students to learn. Once again, thank you! We have been very  happy with Horizon Charter and the attention the teachers give their students. I want you to know how much you, especially, are appreciated for your expertise and awesome student rapport.

Chirya T.

My child is at the Auburn location and we have had nothing but a great experience. He is a child with special needs, and IEP and everything has been accommodated that he needed. When there has been a problem the teachers have been more than happy to talk with me and adjust what needed to be adjusted. My son will be graduating early with AP courses and doing dual enrollment at Sierra College next year his Junior year. We have experienced public school system and another charter and by far Horizon has been the best experience for us. He has become more social, self-confident, and a happier student at Horizon.

Stacey W.

Enjoying that WE choose what our children learn, HOW they learn it and WHEN. HCS allows us the flexibility to tailor our kids education to fit their needs.

Dylan D.

Former Student
Couldn't of asked for a better school to go through in my younger years. Really helpful and pushed me to my limits with still enjoying school.

Diane S.

I am happy to say that Horizons was a perfect choice for getting my 6th grader ready for public school. He had several bad experiences, including teacher bullying, and his teacher at Horizons made him feel comfortable and gave him faith in teachers once again. He graduated his program at a high level and had his self esteem returned. He went on, prepared for public school for his 7-10th grade.For those who experienced a poor teacher in Horizons, I urge you to ask for another teacher. I am re-enrolling my son for his Junior and Senior year at Horizons again, because it seems to be the best choice for our son and our family situation.

Michele G.

Horizon Charter Schools’ Parent Liaison
It's absolutely fabulous to interact with all the stakeholders. You not only hear, but you see and feel that everyone really is working hard to do what's truly best for children and their success!

Jennifer C.

I have a 12 year old and she does her core subjects on site. We love this school, it has been our saving grace!

Paula R.

Amazing! We have been with Horizon for over 10 years now.

Debra C.

Instructional Aide Roseville Learning Center
I love my job as an Instructional Aide at the Roseville Learning Center. The teachers are great, the secretary, Haley Foppiano is tthe best in the West, the principal, Shawna Bastian, is super wonderful and works with us, not against us, and I love my students. I have no complaints at all and am absolutely blessed to be working at this particular school and for Horizon Charter Schools. As teenagers say, "You guys are the bomb!" Keep up the good work!

Ross H

HCSEF Scholarship Award Winner
"Horizon has a very special place in the lives of so many people, giving them the opportunity to educate in the way that is best for their personal situations and needs. This has been a blessing to countless families including my own. Thank You."

David C

2011 Senior Class Valedictorian
"What we learn when we're young equips us for the future. I couldn't have asked for better preparation!"

Mona M.

"Horizon Charter School has been the only program that has been successful for my son's ability to feel safe in a school setting. Ms. Moore always reassures me that my son is learning, experiencing academic success, and provides me with all the tools I need to help him thrive in this environment. I am forever grateful for Ms. Moore's expertise, advocacy, and continued support as I educate my son."

Carmen P.

Parent Representative Horizon Charter Schools Board 2012
"My two girls will start their fifth year with Horizon this fall. My husband and I selected Horizon because of the home school program. We were considering traditional homeschooling, but I wanted the oversight of a teacher. We get that at Horizon. We also get the freedom to select our own curriculum and the added benefit of supplemental classes that are provided by the school. Horizon continues to be the right choice for our family. I currently serve as a parent representative on the Governing Board for Horizon."

Jessica D. Romo

Horizon Alumni Class of 2009
"Horizon helped me to get my education and my life back on track. The teachers take a personal interest and help develop the student's own strengths. This is something most students will never forget. I will be forever grateful!"

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