Empowering Parents to Teach Their Children

Parent Educator Teaches Parent Workshops, Provides One-On-One Training

Sometimes parents need additional assistance teaching particular subjects or children with different learning styles. To help you with these hurdles, our well-trained Parent Educator teaches free parent workshops and provides no-cost one-on-one training on a variety of subjects.

Having trouble remembering the parts of speech or how to factor polynomials? Looking for fun, new ways to teach a particular subject? In addition to the great support provided by your Supervising Teacher (ST), Horizon Charter Schools’ (HCS) Parent Educator presents workshops that give you tips and tricks to teach specific courses. Workshops are provided at a variety of locations on a wide range of topics.

In addition to the live workshops, our Parent Educator provides webinars and YouTube videos that you can watch when and where it’s most convenient for you -- like waiting for your kids to finish a gymnastics class or after everyone has gone to bed. Topics range from basic math skills to creating a language of alliteration origami book.

Just as each child is different, everyone learns differently. Something that comes easily to you or one of your children may be very difficult for another child. For example, while some children are logical thinkers and may easily grasp addition and subtraction rules, others are kinesthetic learners and need the help of manipulatives to visualize a concept; some children are solitary learners and prefer to work alone, while others are very social and thrive in a group environment. Because not all children learn the same way, our Parent Educator can help you recognize and work with different learning styles.

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