Expanding Our Resources to Help Your Child Learn

A Network of Proven, Quality, Educational Partner Businesses

Part of the learning process is exploring new areas of interest. Occasionally these subjects require added resources. We’ve spent years developing relationships with businesses that offer educational supplies as well as enrichment and elective courses to make that process as easy for you as possible.

When you purchase materials through one of our educational partners, you can rest assured knowing the company has been approved by Horizon Charter Schools and used by many other homeschooling families. Using one of our approved vendors also guarantees you may use student funds to pay for supplies, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Student funds may also be used to enroll in private or group instruction with approved vendors. Courses include: martial arts, visual and performing arts, horseback riding, robotics, driver training, and many, many more elective and enrichment courses, as well as core classes and tutoring for academic subjects. Visit our Enrichment and Electives page to learn more about these types of classes.

Our extensive list of approved vendors is parent-driven, which means you can use any of our partners with confidence knowing they are used by other homeschooling families, and the instructors understand the special needs of the home study community. If your child wants to take a class through a local business that is not on our list or if you have a favorite supplier for course materials, just ask us to add them. Our staff will work with the business to create a working relationship whenever possible.

Use our interactive online search tool to find our educational partners and approved vendors. You can access this tool on our Vendor Search page.

To learn more about enrolling, please contact us today