Virtual Learning: Online Educational Courses for High School Students

Web-based Classes Prepare Students, Provide Greater Flexibility

In the 21st Century, higher education classes are often taught online and businesses rely on people with great computer skills. To prepare students for this type of learning and provide greater flexibility in their schedules, high school students can take some or all of their classes through distance learning options.

Virtual learning — also called distance, online, Internet-based or web-based learning — basically means students use a computer and the Internet to access classes and interact with teachers and classmates. In today’s world, students are used to getting a lot of their information from the web, and interacting with their peers and mentors online. Thus, this type of learning is very natural for most of our older students.

HCS is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited public charter school, which means families who choose virtual learning options still receive quality, personalized learning experiences that meet or exceed California’s educational standards. We provide A-G approved courses that satisfy California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) eligibility requirements for high school students planning to enter either the CSU or UC system.

With distance classes, the focus is on learning through modern technology with a goal of producing students who are better prepared to enter the workforce and ready to participate as collaborators, innovators and communicators.

As with our other learning options, we provide varied, dynamic, and personalized instruction that reflects the diversity of each student. Your child will also receive plenty of interaction with instructors and other students. In addition, virtual learning affords more flexibility, allowing your child to work at his or her own pace and level and at a time and in a place that best fits everyone’s schedule.

We offer a variety of online learning options to enhance student achievement, including:

  • Live online instruction by our highly-qualified teachers
  • Recorded sessions
  • Online tutoring
  • Small group support
  • Focused training and support for special projects
  • Supplemental resources, games and simulations

Digital services offered through Horizon Charter Schools include synchronous and asynchronous online learning options via: the Horizon Virtual Learning Instruction (VLI), Apex Learning, ALEKS, Discovery Streaming, Atomic Learning, BrainPop, and others. We also provide technology support for families.

Although your high school student can do all of their coursework via virtual learning, he or she can combine virtual learning classes with traditional home study, independent study, Learning Center courses or partner elective classes. Virtual learning high school students also have full access to non-virtual counselors, tutors, mentors, and other resources. Visit our Home Study or Independent Study pages for more information.

Home Study

Responding to a growing population of parents who wanted to have an active role in their children’s education, Horizon Charter Schools began as a public home study program more than two decades ago, and we have always remained true to our roots.

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Independent Study

Sometimes parents and students need extra support from a credentialed teacher to aid with student instruction. To help these families, Horizon Charter Schools provides the option of more assistance from the family’s Supervising Teacher (ST).

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Learning Centers

To augment the home school experience, many parents want their children to benefit from interaction with other homeschoolers and teachers in a limited, small group setting without losing control of the education process. So, HCS developed Learning Centers

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Enrichment Classes

In addition to the courses available at our Learning Centers, students can take a variety of enrichment and elective classes provided by a vast array of local businesses in areas ranging from core subjects to visual and performing arts to physical education.

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For over 100 years, families have benefited from the child-centric educational approach to schooling developed by Maria Montessori. We applaud this method of teaching and are happy to provide a free, public Montessori school option to our families.

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