Empowering Parents with an Active Educational Role

You Are Your Child’s Best Teacher

In response to a growing population of parents seeking an active role in their children’s education, Horizon Charter Schools (HCS) began as a public home study program more than two decades ago, and we have always remained true to our roots. That’s why our main focus continues to be supporting and expanding home teaching programs and educational opportunities for our families.

Home study allows families to explore their unique interests through lessons, activities, classes and study trips. You choose how and what you want your children to learn and are actively involved in lesson planning, day-to-day instruction, and correcting assignments. You do this on a schedule that works best for your family, giving you the flexibility to teach whenever or wherever it fits your family’s needs. Lessons can be conducted at home, a park, a library, a doctor’s office or even on vacation. This type of schooling allows families to spend more time together growing, learning and bonding, and lets students pursue their individual interests.

We’re Here to Help You Succeed

More Student Funds for Educational Needs

Since we’re a public charter school, there are never any tuition fees and most classes, study trips, and educational materials can be paid for with your state-provided student funds. To help families get even more from their homeschooling experience, this year we raised the amount of funds you have to spend — $2,600 per K-8th grade students and $2,800 for high school students. That’s $1,000 more per student than in previous years and more than most other area charter schools provide. In addition, funds can be shared between family members, providing even greater flexibility and choices for parents.

Supervising Teachers, Parent Educator, Parent Liaison, Counselors, Mentors and Tutors

In the home study program, parents are the true educators, but we’re always here to lend a hand. Each family is partnered with a highly qualified, state credentialed, Supervising Teacher (ST) who forms a strong bond with their home schooling families, helping and encouraging them along the way. Your ST will help develop a Personalized Learning Plan for each student based on the California Academic Content Standards and the individual child’s abilities, interests, and learning style. Then they’ll monitor your child’s progress through regular, scheduled, face-to-face meetings and provide assistance, guidance and input as needed. Your ST will ensure all requirements are being met, answer questions and provide ideas and assistance, giving you the peace of mind you need.

We also recognize that some parents may need additional assistance with particular subjects, like math, science, history or language arts. That’s why, in addition to the great support provided by your ST, Horizon Charter Schools provides a Parent Educator who teaches workshops and gives you tips and tricks to teach specific courses. Because not all children learn the same way, our Parent Educator may also help you recognize and work with different learning styles. Check out our Parent Educator page for more information.

Over the years, parents have confided that one of their biggest concerns about homeschooling is a lack of socialization for their children. To alleviate that fear, we provide a Parent Liaison who helps coordinate activities and events that bring families together. Visit our Parent Liaison page to learn more.

Our Guidance Counselors help high school students plan course schedules that meet each student’s college and/or career goals. They also assist with career exploration; access to Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses (formerly Regional Occupation Program (ROP)), community college classes, work experience, apprenticeships, and Work Permits; and provide information about colleges and scholarships and other financial aid. For information, contact our Guidance Office at 916-408-5276, toll free at 800-338-8003, extension 5276, or email guidance@hcs.k12.ca.us

For students of all ages who need additional assistance, HCS also provides mentors and tutors.

Socialization at Its Best

Core, Elective and Enrichment Courses

Sometimes children need or want to learn about a specialized topic, or parents don’t feel comfortable teaching a particular subject, and occasionally everyone just needs a break from their regular routine. That’s why HCS provides core, elective and enrichment courses. Families can use their student funds to participate in academic and elective classes at several HCS Learning Center locations.

Student funds may also be used to enroll in private or group instruction with HCS-approved partner businesses. Families can choose from a wide range of subjects, including: martial arts, visual and performing arts, horseback riding, robotics, driver training, and many more elective courses, as well as core classes and tutoring for academic subjects. Our extensive list of approved partner businesses is parent-driven -- if your child wants to take a class through a local business that is not on our list, you can request we add them. Our staff will work with the vendor to gain approval whenever possible. Visit our Enrichment and Electives page to learn more about these types of classes.

Study Trips, Events and Activities

Field trips are a great way to reinforce some areas of study, and an occasional change of venue can be good, too. To help you include these important trips and activities in your child’s educational journey, student funds can be used to take study trips to area museums, zoos, performing arts centers, special events and other educational and exciting venues.

What’s more fun that taking a field trip? Taking a field trip with other homeschool families! Throughout the year, Horizon Charter School organizes study trips for HCS families to locations throughout our six-county region and all of Northern California.

We also realize that part of the natural education process is learning how to interact with others in a variety of situations -- plus sometimes you just need to get together with other families, whether it’s to learn or enjoy the company of others. To facilitate that, our innovative and creative Parent Liaison orchestrates family meet-ups at parks and other venues.

Independent Study

Sometimes parents and students need extra support from a credentialed teacher to aid with student instruction. To help these families, Horizon Charter Schools provides the option of more assistance from the family’s Supervising Teacher (ST).

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Learning Centers

To augment the home school experience, many parents want their children to benefit from interaction with other homeschoolers and teachers in a limited, small group setting without losing control of the education process. So, HCS developed Learning Centers

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Enrichment Classes

In addition to the courses available at our Learning Centers, students can take a variety of enrichment and elective classes provided by a vast array of local businesses in areas ranging from core subjects to visual and performing arts to physical education.

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Virtual Learning

In the 21st Century, higher education classes are often taught online. To prepare students for this type of learning and provide greater flexibility in their schedules, high school students can take some or all of their classes through distance learning options.

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For over 100 years, families have benefited from the child-centric educational approach to schooling developed by Maria Montessori. We applaud this method of teaching and are happy to provide a free, public Montessori school option to our families.

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Educational Materials, Aides and Supplies

Unique to most charter schools, HCS has an extensive, well-stocked Curriculum Resource Center (CRC). Located in Lincoln, our CRC houses a rich collection of materials to support student learning. These include library books, curriculum support materials, parent and teacher resources, audiovisual materials, games, manipulatives, and reference materials -- all of which are available for checkout. The CRC also has a professional development library with recommended grade-level curriculum on display.

In addition to the CRC, student instructional funds may be used to purchase approved materials from our extensive list of educational partners. This list is parent-driven and updated frequently.

WASC Accredited and A-G Pathway

HCS is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accredited public charter school, which means you can rest assured your child will receive a quality education. To help high school students wishing to enter the University of California system, we offer A-G approved courses for California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) eligibility.

Special Education and Section 504

For students with special needs, Horizon Charter Schools provides a Special Education Department staffed by caring educators who are experts in their fields. We offer a full continuum of services and employ staff members from a variety of disciplines. To better assist you, our Special Education Department manages all the paperwork related to the evaluation, monitoring, and implementation of special education services.

Students who meet the criteria for special education will have an IEP (Individualized Education Program) plan. Often, the Special Education Department works in conjunction with Student Success Team staff members to review and consider ideas on interventions, accommodations, and sometimes special assessments. There are a variety of reasons for students to participate in the Special Education program. While one student may need classroom and testing accommodations, another might need classroom modifications or direct instruction from a certified and/or licensed specialist, or other special arrangements.

If you have questions regarding the special education process, please contact the Special Education Department at 800-338-8003, extension 5188.

Vendor Lists

Use our interactive online search tool to find our educational partners and approved vendors. You can access this tool on our Vendor Search page.

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